Tarjeta de Regalo de $300

Envío sin cargo

How does the Gift Card work?

Once concretes purchase your Gift Card, we will contact you by mail or telephone to ask you Beneficiary data: full name, phone, mail and ID (is essential to have the latter figure).

Can I add a custom message? 

You can add the message you want, like: Happy Birthday !, Congratulations !, Welcome to the world !, I love you !, Happy Day !, etc.

What happens at the other end?

The gift recipient will receive an email with your gift card and a redemption code. You can use this code to purchase the product you want in our store, or, print it out and redeem in person at our showroom.

If you want to personally deliver your gift card, you will be you who receive the email and redemption code. You only have to print the card. Also in this case, the Beneficiary may use that code to purchase the desired product in our store, or, redeem in person at our showroom.

What if the recipient wants to buy something for a higher than my gift card amount?

If the Beneficiary want to buy products for more than the gift card amount you can pay the remaining balance through Money Mail with any means of payment, or exclusively in cash at our showroom.

What time validity has my gift card?

Gift cards are valid for 90 days.


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